Supermarkets are among the most energy-intensive commercial buildings. Refrigeration alone accounts for about half of a supermarket’s total energy consumption. And ever more supermarkets are adding in-store food service for customers. Not only do grocery stores stand to lose valuable inventory and prepared food during a power outage, but they could also lose customers wanting to buy food and other supplies. Keep your grocery store open for business during a power outage - and gain a competitive advantage - with a Generac standby power system.

Last Case Studies


Wood Dale WWTP

Application: Water/Wastewater
Location: Wood Dale, IL. US
Model(s): 5 x MG 300 Natural Gas
System Configuration: 480V, 1500kW

Slover Library Sargeant Memorial Collection

Application: Municipal
Location: Norfolk, VA. US
Model(s): 1 x SG 250 Natural Gas;1 x SG 150 Natural Gas
System Configuration: 480V, 400kW
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