For the restaurant and hospitality industry, losses due to power outages are often permanent. After all, if a person misses dinner at your restaurant today, they won’t eat two dinners tomorrow. And there’s the losses you could face in terms of spoiled food and wine. Or services that cannot be offered to your clientes at your hotel due to a power outage. From transfer switches that can allow you to be “generator ready” in case of a power outage to permanently installed standby generators that start automatically when the power fails, Generac can help you protect your business against loss in a power outage.

Last Case Studies


Wood Dale WWTP

Application: Water/Wastewater
Location: Wood Dale, IL. US
Model(s): 5 x MG 300 Natural Gas
System Configuration: 480V, 1500kW

Slover Library Sargeant Memorial Collection

Application: Municipal
Location: Norfolk, VA. US
Model(s): 1 x SG 250 Natural Gas;1 x SG 150 Natural Gas
System Configuration: 480V, 400kW
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