BOW Tower


The Bow is the most recognizable building in the Calgary skyline and is the tallest building in western Canada. All pictures and postcards of the Calgary skyline had to be updated once the Bow was completed in 2012. The Bow was constructed on a very tight piece of land in the middle of the downtown, causing significant traffic congestion and construction challenges. Generators were needed to provide backup power for the building operations, as well as for the tenants.”

Solution: “Total Power, a member of the Generac Industrial Power Network, assisted in the initial design and installation of 9 x 600kW bi-fuel generators, as space for fuel storage was quite limited. Most of the generators are housed in an underground parking garage and the owners needed to maximize the number of parking stalls available for both tenants and customers. Six of the generators are paralleled for base building operations which includes offices and a data center, and 3 are paralleled for the building tenants. A tenth generator was added providing up to 6,000kW to address continued growth.”

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