Green House Data


Application Background: “Green House Data (GHD) offers cloud, co-location, and IT managed services, and operates seven data centers. The company has been experiencing an annual 100% growth rate. GHD had an existing data center in Cheyenne, WY, with 3 x 600 kW generators and was expanding by building a second, world-class data center, Cheyenne 2. While the company was focused on reliability, redundancy and scalability, they also want more efficient units to balance the company’s commitment
to green technologies and were open to innovative strategies.”

Solution: “Rocky Mountain Power Generation, a member of the Generac Industrial Power network, designed the system to scale up to 6MW to meet the needs of anticipated customer growth. Initially, 2 x 1MW Generac diesel generators with utra-high levels
of reliability were delivered, providing the backup power GHD currently needed. This allows GHD to effectively manage resources they can quickly scale up to meet demand, without overspending on the initial investment.”

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