Slover Library Sargeant Memorial Collection


Application Background: “The Slover Library is located in downtown Norfolk, VA, and includes the Sargeant Memorial Collection. This collection contains many artifacts that are sensitive to light, heat and humidity. Some items are stored in freezers within strict temperature limits to maintain preservation, while other items require LED lights for protection. With severe weather such as ice storms and hurricanes that consistently knock out power, the Slover Library decided to implement a backup power system to maintain the equipment that is preserving the collection of artifacts. Location challenges, emissions, and sound level concerns were key factors in deciding on a backup power solution.”

Solution: “Bay Diesel, a Generac Industrial Power Distributor, implemented two natural gas generators to meet the needs of Slover Library and the Sargeant Memorial Collection. Natural gas generators were chosen for the cleaner emissions and to overcome the location challenges encountered with diesel fuel delivery to the system. The system includes a 1 x 250kW generator that provides backup power to all the equipment protecting the Sargeant Memorial Collection, and a 1 x 150kW generator provides backup power to the library’s fire pump and life-safety equipment. Both generators were provided with level 2 enclosures, overcoming any sound concerns with the units.”

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