Wood Dale WWTP


Application Background: “Wood Dale, IL, recognized the importance of having a backup power system for its new Wastewater Treatment Plant given the disastrous implications of a potential power outage. This new plant will treat eight million gallons of sewage a day, and help to restore and maintain water quality by supplying a water tower system for its 14,000 residents. If the Wood Dale Wastewater Treatment Plant would lose power for even fifteen minutes, close to 85,000 gallons of raw sewage would begin flowing into homeowner’s basements. And, that’s on a dry day. On a wet day the plant could potentially treat twice as muchwastewater.”
Solution: “Zonatherm Products, a Generac Industrial Power Distributor, worked with Wood Dale Wastewater Treatment Plant to deliver a flexible Modular Power System (MPS) developed by HR Green, the engineering design firm. Five Generac MG 300 generators in parallel deliver a total 1500 kW to ensure reliability and redundancy. This Generac MPS solution was delivered in less than 8 weeks after the new plant was completed. The Zonatherm service department will also provide quarterly maintenance
to ensure reliability.”

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